Saturday, September 18, 2010

419 Scams

There are so many scams out there. Even if you think you can out smart scammers, someone will come around and get you. Hell, even 419 scams have gotten more sophisticated. A 419 scam is a code for Nigerian scams. These scams are known as Advanced Fee deals. 419 is an Article of the Nigerian criminal code, which is "obtaining property by false pretences; cheating". The scammers will send out an e-mail promising the potential victims a lard amount of money if they wire a less amount to them. The reason they give for asking for upfront cost usually has to do with a fee to release the money. They say the fee will go to a Lawyer, Doctor, Banker, etc. It all depends on what their story is. An example of a 419 scam would be an e-mail from someone overseas offering you a large amount of money that is locked away. The scammers will want you to feel bad for them. They will usually say they are very ill and don't have much time left. They are poor and don't have the few hundred or thousand to pay the fee's to get the money. If you help them to release their funds they will send you a large amount of it as a thank you. The scammers send out all different kinds of other e-mails asking for money. I will post an actual 419 scam e-mail very shortly. If someone emails you asking for any upfront money to receive more money is probably a scam. These scammers have gotten much smarter over the years. They now use addresses in different countries other then Nigeria. Since most people know that if someone has an address in Nigeria it is probably a scam. That's why scammers are using other countries. The scammers also will pretend to be a very genuine Male/Female who wants a romantic relationship. They do this to get you to trust them. They also will send am e-mail from a legit company website. When the scammers do this they will have a different "Reply To" e-mail address. There are so many other tactics these scammers use. They are coming out with different ways hourly, so it is impossible to know all of them. The best saying I go by is "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is".

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