Friday, October 21, 2016

Golden Hub Inc AKA My Millionaire Mentor

So I have been seeing this email that's going around by a company called Golden Hub Inc. This email is going out to people who have posted their resume online looking for work. I will post this email below and you will see that this is pretending to be a real job. This is not a job but a some kind of "mentoring program". This company is clearly affiliated with My Millionaire Mentor In order for you to work with this company you need to pay $49. It has a constant gimmick saying that they only have 7 spots left at that price. Here is a copy of the email online including the links in the email so you can see that Golden Hub Inc is really My Millionaire Mentor.

Golden Hub Inc.

Dear Applicant,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the position of Administration at Golden Hub Inc.! We had many qualified candidates, but you seemed to be best fit for our growing business.

Your appointment will be effective after your confirmation. We have some rules and regulations. Read all documents before your confirmation message.

Rules for Probationary Period

Job Facilities

You should report within 72 hours.
We are looking forward to your joining our team and invite you to let us know if you need additional information or have any questions.

Human Resources Team
Golden Hub Inc.

The 2 links in this email go to and have no information about rules for probationary period or job facilities. This email I would consider to be a complete scam. It is clearly made to look like a real job offer. This could very well be an affiliate who is sending out these emails but based on the reviews I have read I would stay away from this company.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Arbitration Collection Agencies

You or someone you know with either a very old debt or a non existent debt may have gotten a call from a company who has purchased the debt claiming to be not a collection agency but an arbitration firm. They usually will say that they are with the litigation department and that they will be sending someone out to serve you with papers about a lawsuit. They will use all these technical legal terms to get you scared enough into paying the debt. Each state has a different statute of limitations for debt but where I live in NH it is 3 years. This means after this time they cannot take you to court over this and these companies know this. They just want you to make a payment arrangement because that way it reopened the statute so NEVER do this.

No matter what these people will tell you you are not going to go to jail for not paying a debt even if it is valid. Chances are good that these people contact you just to scare you with no intentions on suing you. If you happen to answer your phone when they call just tell them you are expecting legal papers by tomorrow and if you don't have them you will file suit against them for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This will sometimes make them go away because they figure you know what your talking about. If this continues report them to the FTC and contact an attorney if you want to take it to court. Violations of the FDCPA are a minimum of a $1000 fine for each violation. If they are severe enough it will cost them much more and possible criminal action will be sought.

Times are tough for people and these collection agencies that purchase very old debt know that if they follow the law its going to be hard to get people to pay. That's why they represent themselves as an arbitration firm because they feel that once people hear that they are going to be more willing to pay. This is considered extortion which is illegal and NEVER let anyone do this to you. If you have been harassed by a company like this then your best bet is to contact an attorney. If this company is making threats about hurting you or saying that they are police officers then you want to contact your local police station.

Friday, October 7, 2016


I received this email the other day in my inbox. It is a black message with a pdf attachment file called USAA ONLINE NEW PDF MESSAGE FOR YOUR VIEW.pdf. The only email address I could find associated with this email is but that can easily be a hijacked account. Here is the text this pdf showed. It contained a link disguised as a legit USAA site which has you enter your personal information so the scammers can take it.

Customer ID : 000-5432-862172-PSI
Due to concerns, for the safety and integrity of the USAA account, we have issued this warning message.
Your USAA account information needs to be updated as part of our continuing commitment to protect your account and to reduce the instance of fraud on our website. Kindly login to update
on We appreciate your support and understanding, as we work together to keep USAA Bank a safe place to do business.
Thank you for your patience in this matter.
Copyright © 2016 USAA.
Visit our Privacy Views and opinions expressed by members are for informational purposes only and should not be deemed as an endorsement by USAA.
Investments/Insurance: Not FDIC Insured • Not Bank Issued, Guaranteed or Underwritten • May Lose Value
USAA products are available only in those jurisdictions where USAA is authorized to sell them.

Monday, September 19, 2016


So the other day I went to Gamestop to pick up a new game. I had a couple of old games I wanted to trade in so this was the only reason I went to this store. I usually order my games and other things off of because its easier to just order things from them instead of going to the store to get something that may or may not be there. I have not been to Gamestop in ages but I was not impressed at all with my experience.

So I went into the store and a clerk promptly greeted me. I found the game that I wanted and we went over to the register so I could buy it and trade in the 2 games I brought along. They gave me $11 trade in for the games I had which I already knew because I looked it up online. Gamestop never gives you good money for your games but I figured anything was fine because I beat one and never played the other one.

So when I checked out I noticed that the sales reps were automatically adding on the replacement plan without asking people like they use to do. They also were trying to constantly upsell by asking you to put money down for games that were going to come out the beginning of next year. When I visited Gamestop before they would ask you if you would like to pre order games but it was nothing like the experience I had a few days ago. I do not want to feel pressured into buying things and I don't want to be ripped off by these replacement plans that no one ever needs.

I would like to warn everyone not to go to Gamestop anymore unless you want to spend money that you don't need to and feel like your entering a used car dealership with the pressures of sales people. This is not worth it to me even if I can save a few dollars by trading in other games.

Find New Work (Scam Job)

This is an email I received offering me a "job". This is a scam and if I took this what would happen is I would receive packages bought with stolen money and then repackage them and send them to another country. A lot of online merchants will only ship to the US therefore scammers in other countries need an address in this country to have these packages sent to. A lot of the times you will need to pay upfront to have the packages sent and then they will promise to reimburse you. If you receive a check from them it will be a fraudulent check for sure. Even if you don't need to spend any money upfront when the authorities find out about these stolen goods you will be the one they come after. If you receive an email like this delete it and do not contact them. I never posted a resume on any website but they figure that a lot of people do that are searching for a job to make it sound legit. Email was from with a reply to address of

Good day.

We would like you to review the job offer written below. New Products Turnover inc company has recently got acquainted with the resume that you placed on the internet and wants to offer you a free vacancy as a delivery clerk department member.

New Products Turnover inc company was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of couple commercial postal enterprises in Lithuania. Our current business model co-operates with a lot of European clients to execute the ordering, buying and deliver of products bought directly from the United States market to them. Our organization approach by default targets the retail market.

The duties of your position are considered strictly for residents of the United States. As a shipping clerk your duties will include: tracking, accepting, putting together, consolidating and transferring products ordered from major United States online stores to Europe to the corporate headquarters and secondary office facilities. The job does not ask attending any type of office work locations and can be generally performed from your home and the nearest post office. Our organization provides all the necessary equipment and instructions for performing the job, a clear work agreement (with other documents) and many benefits. We require no start up costs from our employees. Merchandise that our clients order are majorly popular electronics such as Apple products, various laptops and other electronics, so there is nothing heavy or too large being shipped (and no need for a warehouse place). We offer a $1,800 monthly stable and base wage with an added bonus provided for every task accomplished on time. There is a possibility of higher wages and growing careers for our most successful team members.

Our requirements:
- 18 years minimum age
- Having a working street address
- Being able to operate comfortably on the  internet and with a printer
- Having a working telephone number (and possible chance to add extensions or additional numbers)
New Products Turnover inc company is glad to present you this official invitation message. We purposely do not include any attachments or links to keep web security at the the best level.

In case you are interested, please write us via email.

Hi, I need your help (suspicious email)

This is a suspicious email I received from someone obviously looking for good hearted people to send them money. I suspect that this is some kind of scam based on the email address he sent this from along with the fact that I don't know this person. Email address that this email shows as being sent from is which is a sales website.

My name is Mike.
I've found your email address from the internet. I am sending you an private message because i dont know what to do.
We live in Syria, We are financial not in a good shape
My wife has no option to work because she has 3 little children at home.
We have no options to become any support or any help somehow.
If you can help us even with one dollar it will help us a lot and make us very happy.
Please help us.. My Paypal address is :

We are very very Thankfully.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Eric Haman Loan Scammer

A friend gave me information about a guy going by the name of Eric Haman that is offering to loan people money. The only catch is you need to give him $350 upfront. NEVER EVER EVER GIVE MONEY TO GET A LOAN. THIS IS A SURE SIGN OF A SCAM. The email address he is using is The scammers change their name and email all the time but hopefully this will get out to someone to prevent from being scammed.